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With one foot rooted deeply in the past and the other stepping into the future, Judy Lubin is both a keeper of the old stories and a social innovator. The folktales contain our collective wisdom on what it means to be human. Judy tells these stories for the express purpose of helping listeners to understand their own humanity and to develop a strong inner life that will lead them to an autonomous and emotionally mature adult life.

While her stories will certainly entertain, Judy does not tell them for entertainment. Rather, she tells stories as apothecary - both preventative and healing tonics - for the inner life. Yet, the children sit mesmerized, hanging on every word. At the end of each story, they beg for more. And all the while, they are "taking their medicine" and learning to become inwardly strong and resilient.

Judy believes that a child who knows herself on the inside becomes an adult who changes the world on the outside. Her hope is that today’s children will grow strong enough to create for themselves a world worthy of our greatest dreams and ideals.

Because she tells such nourishing stories, Judy’s primary focus is on storytelling in schools. Among other engagements, she has had a long running adjunct storyteller position at a Waldorf school, whose curriculum is known for its emphasis on storytelling.


"Storyteller Judy Lubin brings warmth and reverence of the spoken word to her listeners, filling their imaginations with rich pictures and their bellies with laughter!"

Mary Ann Vaca, Teacher
Chicago Waldorf School

"Immediately compelling!  I love it!"

Betsy Brint, Radio Host
Walking On Air With Betsy and Sal